Balkans Expeditions
Balkans Expeditions

Balkan Mountains: An Overview

Balkan Mountains, Bulgarian Stara Planina (“Old Mountains”), Latin Haemus, chief range of the Balkan Peninsula and Bulgaria and an extension of the Alpine-Carpathian folds. The range extends from the Timok River valley near the Yugoslav (Serbian) border, spreading out eastward for about 330 miles (530 km) into several spurs, rising to 7,795 feet (2,376 m) at Botev peak, and breaking off abruptly at Cape Emine on the Black Sea. The Balkan Mountains form the major divide between the Danube River(north) and the Maritsa River (south) and are crossed by about 20 passes (notably Shipka Pass), by several railway lines, and by the Iskŭr River.

Extreme Expeditions is organizing all seasons expeditions in the Balkans on peak such as Musala and others. The climbing expeditions in the Balkans are fully customizable and can be arranged easily with the groups requirements or need. 

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